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If you are new to our journal, please read a previous issue before submitting your work. 

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Release Schedule: 

Vol. XXVII - June 2022

Vol. XXVIII - August 2022

 General Submission Guidelines:

Send us your best work. All work must be original and previously unpublished. Please include a brief bio (written in the third person) with your submission and a current means of contact (i.e. email, phone, etc.). 

Response time to submissions varies depending on the volume of entries received. However, if you do not hear from us within 10 weeks of your submission, please feel free to send us a query by email to

We will accept simultaneous submissions, however if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible.

TL Publishing Group acquires one-time electronic and print publication rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication.

Contributors who are published in the Torrid Literature Journal will receive one hard copy of the publication their work appears in along with a discount on additional hard copies. Contributors will also receive a free digital subscription to the journal. 

Keep in mind that submitting to the Torrid Literature Journal implies an interest in the magazine, and anyone who submits will be added to our mailing list; you'll receive occasional updates about new content, breaking news, and calls for submissions. We will never buy, sell, trade, or share your information with anyone. You may opt-out of our mailing list at any time.

General guidelines:

This is an ongoing call for artwork that has not been previously published in print or online. Paintings, illustrations, and photographs will be considered as long as they reproduce well as cover art. 

All images must be available in a high resolution format upon request. 

Important Information:

Our cover dimensions are 8.75" by 11.5". The trim size is 8.5" by 11". Accepted artwork may be cropped and/or slightly altered to meet the print requirements for the cover.

Our covers are printed in color, full bleed. We incorporate basic information on our cover:



Volume number

Artists will be compensated with $50 and two contributor copies. The artist retains all rights to their work. We only ask for one-time use of the artwork. 

Artists can submit up to five images at a time as a PNG or JPEG. Images may be uploaded as a single file or as multiple files. Low resolutions images are acceptable for submissions as long as high resolution images (300 dpi) can be provided upon request. 

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

Our average response time is three months. If you don't hear from us by this time, please send a query by email to 

Please include the following information in your cover letter: 

Brief bio

Title of artwork

Brief description of the artwork

Upload a maximum of five poems per submission.

Please include the following information  in your cover letter:

1) A brief bio written in third person

2) The title of your submission

3) How you heard about us (optional)

We are looking for thought-provoking poetry across all genres that substantially burns mental, emotional, and societal barriers. Poems should pull the reader into the writer’s work of art, deliver entertainment and/or inspirational relief, or provide expanded insight using various points of view. Please wait until you hear from us before submitting again. 

Please upload unpublished fiction stories with 5,000 words or less. 

In your cover letter, please include the following: 

1) A brief bio written in third person

2) The title of your submission

3) How you heard about us (optional)

Stories should contain gripping content. We are open to considering various genres and themes. We're looking for fiction that catches the reader’s eye within the first few lines. We want the readers to be held captive to the writer’s imagination.


TL Publishing Group will consider articles for publishing in the Torrid Literature Journal. The recommended length is 1,000 words or less but submissions of any length will be considered.

Articles may be informative, opinionated, or inspirational. We will consider various topics including poetry, fiction, general literature, publishing, editing, the latest trends in the literary industry, etc, but in any event, the article must provide material useful to the reader in his/her own practice of literature. For informative based articles, the writer should have preferable experience in the field he/she is writing on. Also, if you quote or site various sources in your article, please make sure you acquire permission and include it with your submission.

Articles should be original and unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but please notify immediately if your article is accepted elsewhere.

Please be sure to include a brief bio and publishing credits, if any.

Given the volume of submissions received, please allow 10 weeks to pass before sending in a query regarding the status of your article.

If your article is accepted, we will send you an acceptance letter requesting agreement to our standard terms. Failure to timely respond may delay the publishing of your article.


Interviews are also welcome. If you are submitting a request to be interviewed by one of our editors, please send us your bio, publication credits, and any other information that will help us in reviewing your interview request. 

Book Review:

If you would like to have your book reviewed or submit a review of a book you have read, please send us a request and we will contact you with further instructions.


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